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24 DEC 2009

Added new members Arnold L. (Al) Brashears, Bernard L. Newton and Alfonso M. Rivero.

13 DEC 2009

Added new members Lorena (Rita) U. Mercer, Erik N. Davis, Clarence Burdick and Sean Hackney.

Added Final Flight Obituaries for Thomas Heitz.

28 NOV 2009

Added new members Richard Rozanski, Anthony Fleming, Ron Zissler & Frayser C. Holler.

Added Bio link for Honorary Member/Historian Darrell Whitcomb.

Updated member years of service and decorations counts on "Our Members" page.


Added BG Charles E. Foster to "General Officers" page.

15 NOV 2009

Added new member Terry Curry.

Added Final Flight Obituaries for Andrew Benton, Howard Corson, Jim Moore & Donald Waters.

01 NOV 2009

Added new members Rufus Rodriguez, Barry Asble, Don Gruchmal & Jeremy Gall.


Added links to Medal Of Honor citations (click on recipient’s name).


Added links to Air Force Cross citations (click on recipient’s name).

18 OCT 2009

Added new member Pat Hanford.


Corrected General Officers bio links.

10 OCT 2009

Added new members Mike Klickovich.


26 SEPT 2009

Added new members Frank DiDia, Tom Billeter, Gilbert Cowell, Derryl Harris, Ernest Kerns, Tom Farrier, Gary Brown and Tony Nicewicz.


13 SEPT 2009

Added new members Chuck Lynn, Vern Dander, Ben Bell, Ronald Wilson, Robert Stewart, Tom "Humph" Humphries, Steven Gilmore, Graig McGraw, Jerry Diaz, Eric Pederson, Charles Jack, Joe Sulkowski, Bruce Bowden, Dave Quinn, Bob Miner, Marty Caldwell, David Del Santo, Rick Davis, Russ O'Neal, Fred Crimmins, Robert Greer, Patrick Cook, Tom Hooper, Dave Schmelzer, Bob Adams, John "Skip" Henley, Gary Archdeacon, Joe Moretti and John Mahoney.

Alphabetized page list on left column beginning with the "Achievement" page to make it eaiser to locate pages.

MAR 2009

Added patch to "Misc Patches" page.

15 MAR 2009

Added A Valley Ruled by Giants and Rescue Unit to Support Space Shuttle Launch to "Unit History" page.

Added to "Locator".

Added the Golden Anchor Website Award for Patriotic Excellence to the "Awards" page.

Added new members Larry Dreyer, Pete LeHew and Timothy Carroll, added bios and updated member page.

Added Thomas Preston (March 3, 2009) to "Final Flight" page.

5 MAR 2009

Added to the "Claim-to-Fame" page.

Added Rescue Crews Join Search and Airmen Advise Afghans articles on "Historic Information" page.

Added "20th PONY EXPRESS" page.

Added additional information to the AFC entry on the "Did You Know" page.

Added enhanced version of photo on "Lima Site 20A".

Added Jay Merz pictures to "OFOTO" page.

Added John L. Eldridge  (May 4, 2008)  and William J. Biebel (February 17, 2009) to "Final Flight" page.

Added new members David Oliverez, Jon Harston, Ralph Schwiderske, Roland Garcia, Michael Hargis, James Green and Juan Jose Poll Jr., added bio and updated member page.

21 FEB 2009

Added new members and bios of David Oliverez, Jon Harston and Ralph Schwiderske and  updated member page.

Added additional article on Bob Ferry in the "Final Flight" section.

Added Sid Nanson photo to "Ofoto" section.

Added photo to  "Achievement" page.

Added to the "Did You Know" page.

8 FEB 2009

Added to "Bits and Pieces" section.

Added H-19 Trans Atlantic flight article to "Firsts and Records" page.

Added ANG saves pilot to "Historic Information" page.

Added a link on "Our Helicopters" page for the H-53 in the Air Force Museum.

Added update to USAFHPA reunion information on "Reunions/Special Events" page.

Added new member George Warren, added bio and updated member page.

Added two items on John Groves to "Final Flight" page.

1 FEB 2009

Added AFA award winner to "Special Recognition" page.

Added 1st HS Airman Receives Red Erwin Award to "Special Recognition" page.

Added new members Mark Field, Dominic Acque and Larry Nelson (w/photo) updated member page and added bio.

Added Grant Bird (December 25, 2008), Lt. Gen. James S. Cassity (December 30, 2008) and Robert G. "Bob" Ferry (January 17, 2009) to the "Final Flight" page.

19 JAN 2009

Added Erich Anderson's tributes for Warner A. Britton, Donald R. Backlund, Victor R. Adams and John V. Allison to the "Remembrance" page.

Added Warner A. Britton (June 10 2005) and  Victor  R.  Adams  (June 1, 2001) to "Final Flight" page.

Added article on great nephew of Flying Tiger's founder to "Human Interest stories" page.

Added to the "Did You Know" page.

Added new members Douglas Gilbert and Wayne Oliver, added bio and updated member page.

Added Three Hundred Saved and Counting article to "Historic Information" page.

6 JAN 2009

Added Sid Nanson photo to "Ofoto" section.

Added Bill Lyster photo to "Ofoto" section.

Added new member Cliff Skaggs (1st of 2009), updated member page and add bio.

Added Rescue Wing Sends Replacements to Afghanistan article to "Historic Information" page.