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01 DECEMBER 2011

Added New members Corey Fossbender, Al Pena, Rick Johnson, Mickey Galluzzo and John Terry Beede.


Added Link to Bernard L. Touchette's (05/07/06) obituary next to his name on our "Final Flight" page.


Added Memorial "Meet Me At The Gate" written by Danielle Bourcier Hidalgo, for her Dad, to Jim Bourcier’s Obituary page.

Added John "Jack" V. Allison (11/02/11) and the crew of Pony-12 (03/12/98) Malte Breitlow, Lawrence W. Rolle, William E. Slave & Donald D. Thomas to the Final Flight page.


Added Jerry Clausius's information on how CH-3 63-09676 "Black Mariah" got it's black paint job to the "Unusual Configurations" page.


01 NOVEMBER 2011

Added New members Edgar A. Dangel, Earle Dowd, Neil Hodgson, Lou Anatrella and Doug Robertson.


Added Link on new member Lou Anatrella's bio page to his photo and story page.

Added New "Associate" member Mr. Michael (Mike) Lawlor (son of Frank Lawlor, RIP).

Added Link on bio page of Francis (Frank) J. Lawlor, Jr. (RIP10/12/08) (on the Final Flight page) to a group of photos from Franks collection privided by his Son & Daughter.


Added Cheney Award information for 1951, 1959, 1965, 1968, 1969 & 1970 to the "Awards-Cheney Award" page.

01 OCTOBER 2011

Added New members Richard (Rick) Ches, Jeff Cunningham and Andrew (Andy) B. Gonzales.


Updated "General Officers" page to reflect Major General Thomas J. Trask's recent promotion.


Added Larry Paul Gasbarri (09/08/11), Addison "Duff" Agle (05/08/10) and Francis (Frank) J. Lawlor, Jr. (10/12/08) to the Final Flight page.


Added 1979 Cheney Award winers to the "Awards-Cheney Award" page.


Added Photo link on Kathi Nelson's bio page to photos she added to our website.  

Added Added new photo from Hugh Montogmery to the Ofoto/Site picture Page.

Added New members George D. Harps Jr, Michael R. Hatcher, Kathleen Nelson, Anthony Quartaro, Charles Sarver, Walter (Walt) Loftus, Charles (Ray) Dunn, John C. Ratliff & Thomas Mochen.


Added James (Jim) B. Bourcier & Joe Duffy to the Final Flight page.

01 AUGUST 2011

Added Photo link on Ted Trask's bio page to photos he added to our website.  

Added "Green Hornet" UH-1P by Robert Carlin to "Copter Artwork" page. Artwork Courtesy of Eric Roberts.

Added New members Waldo Libby, Fred McClure, Vaughn Roche & Eric Roberts.

05 JULY 2011

Added New members Glenn Nutter, Jeff Bailey, Bill Lynch & Terry Rasso.


Added Stuart B. Foote to the Final Flight page.

05 JUNE 2011

Added New members Michael W. Kotz, Terry R. Jordan, Kenneth J. Peel, Joseph Luther, Jerry L. Garlington & associate member Bruce Alan Lockhart.


Added Edward G. Quinlan & Paul Douglas McComb to the Final Flight page.

03 APRIL 2011

Added New members Bill Harding & Jeffrey L. Whitted.


Added Richard ("Dick") Russell Bragg Sr., Robert ("Bob") Madison Zdenek & Benny D. Negrette to the Final Flight page.


Added "Helicopter Media" page listing books that have some connection with USAF helicopters. A listing of movies & videos will be added to this page in the near future. 

(link also in menus on left of page)


Added Updates to "Reunions/Special Events" page. If anyone knows of any scheduled reunions or special events not listed, please let the webmaster know and we will be happy to add them to the page.


Added Additional recollections from Doug Lawson about why and how CH-3C 676, the "Black Mariah", got her first black paint job. (see link at the bottom of Doug Lawson's bio page)


13 MARCH 2011

Added New members Marvin Mosley, Douglas (Doug) J. Lawson, Larry Casson, Tom Lindow and Gary Stevens.


Added Doug Lawson's claim to the "Claim-to-Fame" page and Doug's recollection of why and how the "Black Mariah" got her first black paint job. (see link at the bottom of Doug Lawson's bio page)


Added Frank Kelly & Stephen A. Mazur to the Final Flight page.

Added USAF Fact Sheets to the "Unit History" page for the 31st, 33rd, 38th, 41st, 55th, 56th, 58th, 305th, Rescue Sqdns & the 347th Rescue Gp.


17 JANUARY 2011

Added New members Dale Bartels and James W. Huhta, Sr.


Added Laurence W. Conover  to the Final Flight page.


Added Link, on the "links" page, to video of the HH-3E #709 dedication ceremony  at the National Museum of the Air Force (thanks to RotorHead member Chuck Ruth for this link).