Mike Geisel

April 1968 - Basic training, Amarillo, TX.


June 1968 - At Sheppard AF Base, TX., for 15 Weeks Helicopter Mechanic Tech. School.


October 1968 January 1968 At Forbes AFB, Kansas, with the 1370th OMS as a 43110C Helicopter Mechanic on CH-3E's.


January December 1969 At Wheelus AB, Libya with the 58th ARRS as Assistant Crew Chief on HH-3E's 67-14715, 67-14716 and 67-14717. During my time at Wheelus the 58th carried out a number of recues. I was part of the crew that was sent to Turkey to recover a F100 engine from the crash site on a side of a mountain. We also were credited with over 2,500 lives saved in Tunisia 1969.


December 1969 April 1972 at Woodbridge AB, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England. I left Wheelus in December 1969 and the 58th moved to RAF Woodbridge, England and combined with the 67th ARRS. After are move to England I was promoted to Sgt and in April 1971, I was promoted to SSgt. as a 43170C. I was Assistant Crew Chief on 67-14717. In 1971, I was part of the crew that was sent TDY to Patrick AFB, FL., to assist with the disassembly of the older HH-3E's and the buildup of the HH-3E's from SEA. Towards the end of 1971 the three HH-3E’s, 67-14715, 67-14716 and 67-14717, were reassigned to Keflavik NS, Iceland and I was part of the crew that assisted with the move and again in December went TDY to Keflavik to assist the maintenance crew.


April 1972 - I was discharged and stayed in England with my English wife and children and still live within 10 miles of the old RAF Woodbridge.


I have traced the three helicopters, 715 had a minor crash on a glacier in 1990 and ended up at Ft Rucker Al, unknown disposition. 716 was destroyed after a hard landing in Keflavik 1980. 717 left Keflavik 1990 for Pensacola, FL and then on to Okinawa till 1993 and is now in the AMARC DMAFB AZ.