H-3's & H-19's

Wayne Mutza is a USAF RotorHeads Historian and author. He has authored several historical books about helicopters and units including the following titles;


"Kaman H-43: An Illustrated History"

"Green Hornets: The History of the U.S. Air Force 20th Special Operations Squadron"

Along with numerous other titles he has authored and/or co-authored.

During his research and gathering materials for his books he has accumulated a large collection of USAF helicopter photos which he has shared with us.

We’ve made every attempt to identify and give credit to the owners of these photos and have listed the owners name below the caption for each photo. For those that we don’t know the owners of the photo we’ve listed them as “owner-unknown”. We would like to identify and give credit to the owner of the photos, so if you can identify your photo in this album please let the webmaster know.

 Our sincere thanks to Wayne Mutza for sharing this album with us and for adding to our USAF Rotorheads history with these photos and the books that he has authored in the past and books that he is working on at the present time.


CH-3C 65-12791 & others at Ft. Sill, OK. USAF helicopter school late 1966,

Kyron Hall photo

CH-3C N664Y

CH-3E 64-14221 1st HS mid 1980's

once with 20th SOS, now in Tunisia


CH-3E 65-12793 of 1st HS over

Jefferson Memorial 1970-1971

formerly 1022nd Test Sq.,


CH-3E 65-5692 302nd ARRS, Luke AFB, AZ 1985-1986, crashed 1989

Larry Wielgosz photo

CH-3E 67-14718 at DMAFB, AZ hover & controllability ck prior to Tunisia deal

Chuck Ruth photo

HH-3E & HC-130 Combat Crew Training

Eglin AFB, FL April 1960

Ray Samton photo

HH-3E 64-14232 at Patrick AFB, FL.

Sept 1971


HH-3E 65-12780 George AFB, CA.

Jan 1984

Scott R. Wilson photo via T. Love

HH-3E 65-12781


HH-3E 66-13292 302nd ARRS

Luke AFB, AZ 1985-1986

Larry Wielgosz photo

HH-3E 66-13292 302nd ARRS

Luke AFB, AZ 1985-1986

Larry Wielgosz photo

HH-3E 66-13296

Grady Cates photo

HH-3E 69-5801 Sept. 1978


HH-3E 69-5810 71st ARRS

Alaska late 1970's

John Christianson photos

H-19 with face and ears

D.L. Brown photo

H-19A 51-3882


H-19B 51-3948 at Scott AFB, IL.

17 Sept. 1966

Stephen Miller photo

H-19B 51-3955


H-19B 52-7495 of the 36th ARS at

Tachikaua AFB, Ja;pan during filming

of Flight from Ashiya

Bill Lyell photo

H-19B 52-7509


H-19B 53-4410 Clark AB, PI

survival school

Tom Hamsen photo

H-19B 53-4419


H-19B 53-4424 at Osan AB, ROK

22 May 1968

Stephen Miller photo

H-19B 53-4425


H-19B 53-4426 at Offutt AFB, NB,

19 May 68


H-19B "8" Ball #2

Bill Crawford photo

H-19's at Chandler Airport, AZ.

Late 1980's

Larry Wielgosz photo

H-19's Larson AFB, WA Feb. 1960,

modified doors, for missle site support

Dick Van Allen photos