Ruth Emanuel

My first “real” base was Hurlburt Fld. Fl. where I  worked on H-3’s from February 1977 through August 1979.   My first helicopter was 5811 and had an orange nose.  They painted it but 811 continued to shed its paint on its nose and get orange freckles till the day I left.  


From Hurlburt Field I went winging my way overseas to Okinawa AB, Japan to spend a lovely eighteen months on a tropical island with a rescue mission working on 53’s.  358 was my helicopter there and we spent many an hour together. 


In February of 1980 I found myself in the desert stationed at Kirtland AFB, NM.  I worked on 53’s there also and my bird was 428 a B model.  I was at Kirtland till August of 1981.


Then it was back to Okinawa where I briefly crewed 364 and then we packed them up and swapped them for the H-3’s from Hurlburt Field.  I crewed 3290 for a while then worked in job control for a while.


After spending three and a half years at Okinawa this time, my husband and I were stationed as Shaw AFB, SC.  I worked H-3’s there specifically 994 was my girl. 


I closed the H-3 section at Shaw AFB in 1988 and went from there to Osan AB, Korea where I spent a year on H-3s.  I was expeditor on swing shift and had a kick --- group of guys who worked for me there.  I had the distinct pleasure of being the only woman on the flightline the entire year that I was there.  It was an interesting experience to say the least. 


From Osan  I went to Ramstein AB, Germany to work UH-1N models and be flight chief. I was there from 1989 through 1993 when we closed down that unit also. 


From Germany I made my way back to Kirtland AFB, New Mexico where I worked once again on the H-53 until I retired in 1995.