Russell Planck


October 1955 - Joined the U.S. Army.


October 1960 - March 1961 At U.S. Army Transportation School, Ft. Eustis VA.

December 1961 - February 1963 At Nha Trang, RVN in the U.S. Army as an H-21 crew Chief, flying in support of the Army of Viet Nam.


February 1963 - September 1963 At Fort Eustis, VA. with the Army Aviation School as a Classroom Aircraft Maintenance Instructor on the UH-1A.


September 1963 - March 1964 At McMurdo Station, Antarctica  as a Technical Inspector and T-53 Engine Specialist on the UH-1B.


April 1964 - August 1966 At Hanau, Germany with responsibility for 15 U.S. helicopters in Germany, Greece and Turkey.


August 1966 - November 1967 At Langley AFB, VA. as a H-21 Flight Engineer in the VIP Flight Section also in support of the USAF Water Survival School.


November 1967 - November 1968 In Thailand & Vietnam with the 21st SOS as a CH-3 Flight Engineer participating in special mission operations.


November 1968 - December 1968 At Langley AFB, VA. as a UH-1F Flight Engineer in the VIP Section.


December 1968 - September 1969 At Hamilton AFB, CA. as a HH-53 Flight Engineer with the 41st ARRS.


October 1969 - October 1970 At Da Nang AB, RVN as a HH-43 Flight Engineer with the 38th ARRS.


October 1970 - February 1973 At Sumter AFB, SC. as a CH-53 Instructor Flight Engineer on CH-53's training new personnel in special mission operations.


February 1973 - February 1974 At Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand with the 21st SOS as a CH-53 Flight Engineer, Instructor, participating in special mission operations.


March 1974 - October 1976 At Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. as CH-3E Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor. I supervised 15 mechanics maintaining 9 helicopters.


October 1976 - At Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. Retired from military service.


October 1976 - October 1977 At Managua, Nicaragua with Aircrane Systems, Inc. as a S-58T Helicopter Maintenance Instructor and Flight Engineer on Presidential Helicopter.


November 1977 - February 1979 At Kermanshah, Iran with Bell Helicopter International as Supervisor of Aircraft Maintenance Training on the Bell 214.  Supervised 28 American and British Instructors in training an Iranian Army Helicopter Company.


April 1979 - September 1979 At Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with Middle East Services as a KV-107 Flight Engineer.  Performed flight duties using rescue hoist and onboard firefighting equipment.


October 1979 - March 1980 At Long Beach, CA. with McDonnell Douglas as a MD-80 Aircraft Mechanic where I made final airframe system check prior to delivery to customer.


April 1980 - March 1981 At Arlington, TX. with Aerospatiale Corp. as a HH-65 Helicopter Instructor, where I developed and presented Airframe Maintenance Courses to the U.S. Coast Guard.


March 1981 - December 1982 At Gallarate, Italy with Agusta Aerospace as a AS61 VIP Aircraft Instructor where I developed and presented the Airframe Maintenance Course to the Iraq Presidential Flight Section.


May 1984 - May 1985 At Taif, Saudi Arabia with Agusta Aerospace as an AS61 VIP Aircraft Mechanic where I maintained three helicopters for the Saudi Royal Flight.


December 1986 - November 1988 At Bridgeport, CN. as a UH-60 "Sea Hawk" Aircraft Maintenance Instructor where I prepared and presented Plane Captains Course as required by Navy contract.


November 1988 - May 1992 At Nelligan, Germany with Agusta Aerospace as Lead Aircraft Mechanic on the UH-60 "Black Hawk", where I supported Army units of 15 Medical Evacuation Helicopter, supervised 8 personnel and maintained man-hour and maintenance data records.


June 1993 - June 1997 At Gallarate, Italy with British Institute as a English Language Instructor where I taught English as a Second Language (ESL) at the intermediate and advanced levels in commercial and private schools.


June 1997 - June 1998 At Mesa, AZ. with Superstition Air Services as a Aircraft Mechanic, where I performed annual, one hundred hour, fifty hour and presale inspections and made unscheduled repairs to private aircraft in accordance with applicable F.A.R.'s.


February 2005 - March 2007 I worked as an Armored Car Driver/Guard.



Certificates / Awards

14 August 1964 - Diploma - U.S. Army Transportation School - Rotary Wing Technical Inspectors Course.

12 July 1968 - U.S.A.F. - The Air Medal.

23 February 1969 - U.S.A.F. - The Air Medal.

30 September 1976 - U.S.A.F. - Letter of Appreciation.

3 December 1977 - Certificate - Bell Helicopter Service School, Model 214A.

29 September 1980 - Certificate - Aerospatiale Helicopter Division, SA 365, Dauphin (U.S. Coast Guard H-65), Maintenance Instructors Course.

7 July 1981 - Certificate - Agusta Training Department, A109 Maintenance Course.

1 May 1990 - Department of the Army - Letter of Appreciation.

8 June 1990 - Agusta Aerospace Services - Letter of Appreciation.


Technical Training

Military Service;

     1955 - 1966 U.S. Army

     1966 - 1976 U.S. Air Force


     1967 - High School (GED)

Professional Training;

     1959 - Basic Helicopter Mechanic Course, Ft. Eustis, VA.

     1960 - Helicopter Airframe Course (UH-1A), Fort Riley, KS.

     1962 - Rotary Wing Technical Inspectors Course, Fort Eustis, VA.

     1962 - Lycoming Engine Course (T-53), Stratford, CN.

     1965 - Bell Helicopter Airframe Course (UH-1B), Hanau, Germany.

     1966 - Sikorsky Flight Engineer Course (CH-3E), Shaw AFB, SC.

     1971 - Kaman Helicopter Airframe Course (HH-43), Sheppard AFB, TX.

     1972 - Sikorsky Helicopter Course (HH-53), Sheppard AFB, TX.

     1972 - Sikorsky Helicopter Flight Engineer Course (HH-53), Hill AFB, UT.

     1973 - Training Supervisors Course (OJT), Davis Monthan AFB, AZ.

     1977 - Bell Helicopter Airframe Course (214A).

     1980 - Aerospatiale Helicopter Airframe Course (H-65 / AS 366), Marignane, France

     1981 - Agusta Airframe Course (A109), Milan, Italy.