Glenn McKim.

Flight Mechanic/Flight Engineer/Maintenance Officer


1967 - 1968 at Tan Son Nut AB, RVN with Det. 14, 38th ARRS on HH-43B/F's.


1968 - 1970 at Little Rock AFB, AR. on HH-43F's/UH-1F's.


1970 - 1971 at Edwards AFB, CA. on the UH-1F's.


1971 - 1972 at Kunsan AB, Korea on the HH-43F's.


1972 - 1973 at England AFB, LA. on the HH-43F's.


1973 - 1975 at KI Sawyer AFB, MI. on HH-1H's/UH-1N's.


1975 - 1978 at Zaragoza AB, Spain on UH-1N's.


1978 - 1980 at Hurlburt Field, FL. on UH-1N's.


1980 - 1990 Aircraft Maintenance Officer, Homestead AFB, FL. with the 38th ARRS, FE Warren AFB, WY., with the 37ARRS; WR-ALC and HQ MAC/LGM.


I had about 300 Hrs H-43, 700 Hrs H-1 and a few on the H-3 and H-53.


After getting my Commission in 1980 and becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Officer, I stayed around "Rotorheads" as the LG for the 38ARRS at Homestead and the 37ARRS at F.E Warren. Went to Warner Robins in August 1983 and served as the Deputy System Program Manager for Air Force Helicopters. I went to Scott (HQ MAC)in 1986 and was the Branch Chief in DCS Logistics for Helicopters and Support Aircraft. I finished my AF career at Charleston as part of the initial Maintenance cadre, bringing on the C-17 .


After retirement: I have worked for several DOD Contractors, including COBRO, working with Army AVSCOM, PM-SOA, supporting the 160th SOAR with acquisition of the MH-60K and MH-47E.  I worked for ARINC, supporting the IDAS-MATT mod for the MH-53 as a "Contractor PM". I also worked for L-3, Army Fleet Support, at Ft Rucker as the Air Force Project Manager, with the introduction of an Air Force maintenance program to support the 24 UH-1H's (soon to be TH-1H's)that the Army "sold" us.