Joe Fiorillo


I was in the USAF from 1964-1971.  I served at Det. 2, 54 ARS later re-designated Det. 19 EARC. We had two HH-43Bs 62-4529 and 62-4530.  I was there July 64-January 1966.


When I arrived at Sheppard in January 1966 there were no HH-43s there yet so I worked H-19 dock and post-dock.


September 1967 I went to the HH-43 detachment at DaNang.  Originally my orders were for the HH-3E 37 ARRS at Danang but they were short folks in the H-43 outfit there and therefore modified my orders. 


From DaNang I went to the H-43 outfit out of Ubon Thailand . 


I left Thailand in September 1969 and wound up at instructor duty at Sheppard in the Helicopter Mechanics School .  I made SSgt there at the school when they started all that PFE and SKT test stuff.  


I got out of the USAF in December 1971 and went to college, University of Texas at Austin .  Being an out-of-state student I found out that after three years there I ran out of money; VA entitlements. 


I went into the Navy as an E3 in October 1974 and retired as an E9 in February 1995.  My Navy career started as a jet engine mechanic for A6 Intruders and then I was force converted into a gas turbine systems technician when the Navy went to gas turbine powered surface ships; DD, DDG, CG, FFG. 


During my Navy career I received two undergraduate degrees, spent about 85% of my time at sea.  Last assignment was at the Pentagon where I served in the Office of the Chief Of Naval Operations.


I retired from the Navy and work in Arlington VA and live in Georgetown in DC.  From my office in Arlington I can see the top of the new USAF memorial.


I am truly blessed having served in both the USAF and USN.