Bob Strout


Enlisted in the Aviation Cadet Program in July 1956, Lackland AFB;  Hondo AB, Texas (T-28); Reese AFB, Texas (B-25).


Commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in January 1958. USAF Helicopter Pilot School, Randolph AFB, Texas (Feb/Mar '58); Mountain Phase Helicopter Training, Stead AFB, NV (Apr '58)


84th Air Base Sq, 4700th Air Defense Wing, Geiger Field, WA: (June '58) H-19B Radar Site Support, Base Rescue, Duty Officer, Wing Operations. (Touchdown pickup of the first pilot to successfully eject from an F-104 and walk away)


6314th Air Base Wing, Base Operations, Osan AB Korea, (April '60) H-19B Base Rescue, Med-evacs, "Mickey Mouse Transport Service", Flag Officer Transport, Pilot, Instructor Pilot.


310th Bomb Wing, Base Operations/Missile Site Support, Schilling AFB, KS, (June 61) H-19B, Pilot, Instructor Pilot,Flight Examiner.


820th Combat Support Group, Base Operations/Missile Site Support, Plattsburg AFB, NY, (March '63) H-19B, Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Flight Examiner. (Winged "S" as co-pilot on a hoist rescue of lost Doctor - Winged "S" as A/C on a night hoist rescue of five civilians stranded on a rock below a dam in the Hudson River gorge, upstate NY. Required four separate approaches to high hovers to extract three adults and two children)[ Lots of fun]


351st Strategic Missile Wing, Base Operations, Whiteman AFB, MO, (June '65) UH-1F Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Flight Examiner "E" Flight,


20th Helicopter Squadron, Nha Trang AB, Republic of Viet Nam, (April '67) UH-1F/P Guns. Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Standardization/Flight Examiner. Developed the gunship/slick tactics used by the Green Hornets assigned to MACV-SOG.


24th Special Operations Wing, Stan/Eval, Howard - Albrook AFBs, Panama Canal Zone, (August '68 - July 72) UH-1F/P/N, Pilot, Instructor Pilot Flight Examiner. Involved in Special Operations training course for South American Pilots, bunches of other stuff.


3636 Combat Crew Training Wing, Fairchild AFB, WA (August 72 - August '79) [Flew an LGD-Large Grey Desk]. Deputy Commander for Resources, USAF Survival Training Wing. Retired from Active Duty.