Knife 51   Blue Max 27a   Redeye 22   Misty 51   2nd Jolly Green Save  

Rear Lt-Rt: Don Dineen, covering A-1 pilot of 6th SOS from DaNang, Mohawk observer Bob Christianson, his pilot Norman Svarrer, his wing man Capt. Seely, and second A-1 pilot, Carl Richards. Christianson and Svarrer ejected and were rescued within minutes of shootdown near Kham Duc.


Front Lt-Rt: The HH-3E crew from the 37th ARRS was, from left: Pilot: Capt. Jon Hannan, Copilot: Maj. Robert Shular, PJ: Eugene Nardi, FE: Charles Severns.  (Names provided by Wayne Mutza)



    REDEYEYE 22   

On 3 December 1968, while on a dual ship photo mission near the Cambodian border in Southern I Corps, Captain Norman Svarrer and Captain Noble J. Atkins, Jr. with their Special Forces observers came under heavy ground-fire in the Kemh Duc area. Captain Svarrer received numerous 50-caliber rounds, which caused the loss of one engine. Three rounds of 23 mm AA fire hit the fuselage, which started a fire in the main fuel cell. Captain Svarrer piloted his aircraft to a less hazardous area and, after ordering his T.O. to eject, he also ejected. With the help of Captain Atkins flying overhead, aircraft were directed to the scene of the mishap and both flyers were lifted from the area within the hour. Both men were unhurt, but aircraft 62-5858 was engulfed in flames and crashed.  (Annual Supplement History of the 245th Surveillance Airplane Company, 212th Aviation Battalion, 1st Aviation Brigade, 1 January 1968-31 December 1968)


Don Dineen, Spad 11 and Carl Richards, Spad 12 were scrambled along with the Jollies.  I had 8 LAU59 and 4 CBU22.  I don’t know what load Carl had on board.  The Redeye (Army OV-1) on recon with side-looking radar, sniffer and other equipment, had an engine fire and both of the crew (Captain Norman A. Svarrer and Sgt Robert W. Christianson) ejected near Kham Duc.  Svarrer’s pickup was the more difficult as he was on a 60 degree slope.  Carl and I put down smoke and other ordinance.  No ground fire was reported.  Major Robert D. Shular and his JG crew made both pickups. (Don Dineen's notes/Courtesy of Wayne Mutza)