Roger Veillon


I entered the Air Force on April 8, 1968. I was sent to Amarillo Air Force Base as one of the last classes to complete basic training there. After basic training I wenT to Sheppard AFB and completed helicopter mechanic training.


I was then sent to Davis-Monthan AFB Tucson, AZ in Sept. working on the flight line on CH-3s. In Jan 1969 I became a crew chief and was sent TDY to Danang in Feb 1969-Apr 1969. I returned TDY to Danang after being home for two weeks from Apr- June.


When I returned to the states I received orders for the 21st SOS. I received flight crew training at Shaw AFB from Aug –Oct 1969. I then went to Fairchild for survival school in Nov. I also went to Clark for jungle survival school in Dec. I arrived at NKP Dec 17, 1969. 


From Dec 1969-Apr 72 while with the 21st SOS I flew 733 sorties & 1155 Hours of which 742 were combat hours and over 185 were combat support hours. 


I was discharged upon returning to the US in Apr 1972, but was unable to adjust to civilian life and drove to Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson to re-enlist in Jun 1972.


I was sent to Hill AFB to train on CH-53s and became duel qualified on CH-3 & CH-53s as an FE catching drones with the MARS system.


I later became qualified as a winch operator for the 350th SRS.  I went TDY to NKP twice and to Osan Korea 4 times with the 350th.


I was again discharged in June 1976 from Davis-Monthan AFB with 1700 hours of flight time. 


I was in the Air Force for 8 years, 2 months & 10 days.


In that time I earned


2 Distinguished Flying Crosses

16 Air Medals

1 Bronze Star

2 Outstanding Unit Awards 1 with V

2 Presidential Unit Awards        

3 Winged “S” Rescue Certificates 


I am married to Rossukon, a native of Thailand. We were married May 3, 1971 at the village just outside the front gate. The whole base was invited to the all day wedding. We have a daughter 36 years old, a son 30 years old and a grandson 13 years old.


When I left the Air Force I bought myself a truck and started my own trucking company. I ran Veillon’s Trucking for 15 years before selling out. I drove for Auto Zone, Inc, delivering auto parts, for 11 years. I am now working for a heavy haul and crane company as a route and permit associate.