Charles D. (Chuck) Severns MSgt. USAF Retired


19 years on Helicopters.


1952 working Civil Service at North Island NAS San Diego CA.


Joined the Air Force 2 Dec 1952.  Basic training at Parks AFB CA.


Sent to Gary AFB TX for helicopter training on H-5’s.


Volunteered world wide to get out of Texas.


September 1953 shipped to Goose Bay Labrador.


Sept. 1954 shipped to Sewart AFB TN.  In 1959 the 20th HELRON moved to Myrtle Beach SC.


April 1960 PCS to 51st Fighter Intercepter Wing, KI Sawyer AFB  MI.


1960 TDY 90 days to Thule Greenland.


1961 TDY to Pease AFB NH.


1963 TDY to 59th Weather Recon, Goodfellow AFB TX.


Sept 1963 PCS to 33rd ARRS, Naha AB Okinawa..


June 17 1964 Secret orders, TDY 89 days to  NKP Thailand.


November 1964 back to Naha.


July 1967 shipped to 703rd TASS, Shaw AFB SC.


1967 Helo-sid program. TDY from Shaw to Otis AFB MA


August 1968 received orders for Phu Cat AB RVN.


They changed my orders to 37th ARRS, DaNang RVN. 


May 1969 shipped to Det. 5, 40th ARRS, Edwards AFB CA.


September 1970 shipped to MACV, Bien Hoa RVN. I submitted my retirement papers for Dec 1972.


June 1971 shipped to Davis-Monthan AFB AZ.


Retired December 31 1972 as MSgt.


Upon retirement I went back to college full time for 2 years and finished my AS degree in electronics. On the side took Physics, Anatomy and Physiology.


Jan 1975 went to work for a local company pushing a van around the county, repairing medical equipment at Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors offices, and Dental offices.


December 1976 I got a call from the first hospital where I had applied for a job and I started 3 Jan 1977.


In 1987 I completed my BA in Health Services Administration


I retired from the hospital July 1995.


In April 1987 I remarried.  Now we have six grandchildren, and five great grand children.


Charles (Chuck) D. Severns  ( Deceased February 22, 2007)



~  Final Flight 22 February 2009 ~