Nov. 29, 1967—Low Bird at DaNang.  10:00 scrambled for F-4 5 miles SW of Tchepone, Laos only one good chute and beeper.  Arrived on scene and picked up LT. Leo Lemoine 558 TFS Cam Ranh Bay.  Pilot never made it out. During pick up we took 8 hits from small arms fire.  Made an emergency landing at Khe Sahn for a major Hyd. Leak (shot out) had to wait for Maint. to bring 2 aux hyd. lines from Da Nang.  Changed lines, ops checked ok.  Returned to Da Nang at 19:30.  Long day. RCC Capt. Bair


Mar. 30, 1968—Silver Star Mission.  Scrambled to the Ashau Valley to try to rescue the crews of 6 Marine Helicopters that had been shot down. 2 Jolly’s from Quang Tri and 2 Jolly’s from Da Nang.  Ops had told us there were a large concentration of NVA in the area.  There was a Covey over the area and had taken numerous hits and he had called for air strikes.  1st Jolly in picked up 4 Marines and received severe battle damage.  I was in the 2nd Jolly in and called for closer air strikes.  Requested the Sandy’s because they could get closer.  After the air strikes we, Jolly 07, went in and picked up 4 Marines.  Pulled out due to severe battle damage. Had to land at Quang Tri. 54 hits.  After some more close air support the 3rd Jolly picked up the remaining 6 Marines.


Jolly Green 07                              106 Combat Saves

RCC Capt Griggs                           382 Hrs.

Co-Pilot Capt Byrd                        13 Combat Saves

Flt. Eng. Art Brand

PJ  Sgt. Klenovich


Apr. 5, 1968  Training Flight.  Can you believe this.  F-4 from the 391st TFS out of Cam Ranh Bay bailed out 5 miles from us.  Watched the chutes hit the water.  Picked up both Pilots with the hoist.  RCC Maj Anderson