I received this while working with Det 17,42ARRsq. I probably was the only SAC combat crewmember to work with ARS, By agreement of commanders.  The mission that this is for was a nail biter.  We scrambled for a serious injury that occurred in the mountains outside of Tucson AZ.


When we arrived at the scene we found the injured person at the bottom of a very narrow canyon. As we started to approach, and try to descend I saw the dirt flying off of the sides of the canyon.  So now besides giving directions to reach a position for the recovery I also now had to keep us from striking the canyon walls.  As we went forward and tried to descend lower.  We found there was no way to go any lower.  The injured person appeared to be unconscious. We decided to lower the flight surgeon by hoist.  I ran out all of the cable, and he was still not on the ground.  It was then the pilot said "watch the walls" we did get a few more feet and he was down.  By this time the mountain rescue crew arrived and a few guys rappelled down to assist.  Then I sent the basket down, brought up the victim and recovered the flight surgeon.  I heard the Doc tell the victim "If you make one move you are dead"  He had a broken neck.  Doc said land as close as you can to the ER entrance.  This is when we did the unthinkable, we burned a nice round circle in the well-tended grass, and yes we heard about that.  The injury occurred when this guy was on a ledge and thought he could do one of those Acapulco type dives into a small pool of water. He missed the pool!  He did survive.